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To One and All,

We had so much fun burning the stage last March that the Bradstock Chiefs have summoned up the resolve to do it again – with the exception of burning the stage. Join us for a Halfstock Camp Pa Qua Tuck Potluck Toodeloo on Saturday, March 1st, from 3 to 8 pm. An inside event at Camp Pa Qua Tuck’s newly opened great room. We will provide the music - Andy Falco and the Reverend Tom in the house with friends, The Jelly Band with their very eclectic palate, and some acoustic sets to even things out - and the beverages. You bring the potluck! And canned foods for the food drive. Please have some cash in your pockets as once again we will be raffling off goodies and the extra special his and her all access Platinum ticket for Bradstock XXI.

Thank you all for making Bradstock XX a success. Camp Pa Qua Tuck graciously allowed us to stretch our event over two days in 2013 and the Circle of Chiefs was able to give $10,000 to the camp. The monies we raise with this Halfstock event will be used to increase our donations as we look forward to Bradstock XXI to be held Labor Day Weekend 2014. Halfstock tickets are $50 and we are printing only 200 of them. They are available for purchase at Bluepoint Brewery and the Grey Horse Tavern. Over 21 only please. Each ticket holder will be presented with a commemorative glass for this Halfstock event, suitable for quaffing the finest of Bluepoint’s brews. Halfstock Camp Pa Qua Tuck Potluck Toodeloo.

I’m on my way!