The history of Bradstock - Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

January 02, 2022

Every end is a new beginning. With guidance provided by our own KC Cowan, Bradstock packed up its bags and arrived at beautiful Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck for XVIII. The Camp's mission for the past 60 years has been to provide a summer camp experience for children with physical challenges. We thank our hosts the Rotary Club of Center Moriches and salute them for their success in carrying out such an excellent program.

It was truly touch and go as we wrestled with a new location and I dare say some in the family did not think the show could go on. Nonetheless Bradstock XVIII did go on, albeit with a much smaller crowd and back to one main stage, but it is safe to say we fell in love with the Camp. The vibe reminded many old timers of the very early Bstock's and the camp grounds lend themselves to growing our festival in new and splendid ways.

And that is what happened at Bradstock XIX. Not content with one main stage, we created an acoustic stage located back in the woods where we were entertained by 20 acoustic performers throughout the day. Not to be outdone, the poets of Bradstock now have a stage to call their own that was christened at XVIII, enabling the ranks of poets reading and reciting to grow by leaps and bounds. For XIX, the weather held true and more folks came to the party to discover the joy of the camp – still not quite the perfect headcount but moving in the right direction.

Most importantly our relationship with the Camp grew closer as we were able to donate $10,000 for both XVIII and XIX. In addition, the Camp directors agreed to our suggestion that a portion of our donation be used to fund a music program for the campers in memory of KC – Professor Rub'a Dub – Cowan. KC passed away in October of 2011 but is with us as our spiritual guide and North star (and the beer ain't bad either!).

And then we made it to Bradstock XX. Who would have thought standing in Brad's back yard that twenty years of festival lay ahead? That a group of friends could keep on year after year to build the stage and raise the flag? That musicians would continue to want to play at the party, donating freely their time and talent? That five different locations would host the festival over time. Celebration XX had the weekend kick off with a very nice Sergeant Pepper tribute by Uncle B and Friends as it was twenty years ago today that Bradstock asked the bands to play. We added a special touch at this year's festival – allowing the Poetry stage to host young musicians on Saturday, where many played for the first time in a public setting. And the Chiefs were again able to present to the Camp a $10,000 donation.

Our relationship with the Camp continues to thrive and we look forward to holding this and future Bradstocks there.

See you at Camp.

Friends of Bradstock, Inc. is a 501c3 not for profit organization

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