The history of Bradstock - Summer 2017

January 20, 2022

Last year we celebrated 24 years of Bradstock magic and hearkened back 50 years to 1967 - The Summer of Love. And isn't that really the magic ingredient that propels our Circle of Chiefs year after year? Love. Community. Music. XXIV attendees were treated to a performance by none other than Tom Constanten, former Grateful Dead keyboardist, who with his band Live Dead 69 brought that San Francisco vibe to Center Moriches. Mother Nature once again had us on pins and needles as Saturday night's howling winds had us hold our breaths on what Sunday would bring. Sunshine poured down and XXIV gloriously played on right up to the Electrix's second encore to close out the festival with a homage to the passing of Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode!

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And that brings us today to our silver anniversary – XXV years of Bradstock karma. May the Circle of Chiefs be unbroken!

The Camp has so much to offer – not just to Bradstock but to the campers it hosts throughout the summer. Knowing that our donations are helping children with special challenges have a week of summer fun and camp enjoyment is a true motivator to the Circle of Chiefs. The hardy band of regulars and the newbies who decide they want to participate and give of their time and effort to make Bradstock happen are inspired by the mission of the Camp. We especially want to acknowledge the support of Camp Director Bridget Costello and the Board of the Rotary Health Club of Center Moriches as we work together to improve our Festival and continue to make enduring contributions to the Camp.

Along the way, Bradstock has joined with WUSB 90.1 FM, the radio station of the University of Stony Brook, to offer what we believe to be the longest continuous college radio station simulcast in the nation. WUSB has sent out its live signal -11 am to 10 pm – from the grounds of Bradstock ever since Bradstock X (I'll have to check that fact with Chris LaPorta, who has been the WUSB host all along) allowing listeners around the island, and via, around the world, to be part of the Bradstock festival. Thank you WUSB!

You may be surprised to learn that Bradstock is a year round event. Help us perpetuate what started way back in Brad's backyard. BRADSTOCK MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO ALL, AND ALL ARE INVITED TO ATTEND! There are no mysteries to Bradstock, just an open exchange of ideas and good old fashion stick-to-it-ness. The Circle of Chiefs welcomes and embraces new faces who share the Bradstock creed, “A good time for a good cause.” Remember to smile at your neighbor. And if you're motivated, let us know if you want to volunteer your time and talents.

Friends of Bradstock, Inc. is a 501c3 not for profit organization

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